Beauty Salons and Spas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Each and every of us has heard about the astonishing sunsets, the white sandy beaches and the magic cities that Mexico offers to its tourists. With the passing of time, Mexican cities have become some of the best-known vacation destinations in the world. In spite of the fact that this country has plenty of cities to choose from when planning our beach holidays either with our other half, friends or relatives, we cannot deny that Puerto Vallarta is an excellent option to take into account if we want to get relaxed and be treated like royalty.

In the last years, Puerto Vallarta, in the north coast of Jalisco, has been famous for an increase in the number of its spas and beauty salons which can be found not only along the city but also in hotels and resorts near the beach. If you are thinking about where to go to satisfy both your mind and body, you can choose among some of the following spas and beauty salons:

Casa Velas Spa. Its beauty professionals will revitalize your spirit through a series of treatments in an environment full of life and peace to give you back the balance that your life requires.

Quetzalli Spa & Holistic Center. It offers a series of holistic and alternative treatments which incorporate both occidental and oriental disciplines, searching for the well-being of your soul. Based on the nature of life, their therapies are focused on finding welfare in your mind, body and spirit.

Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa. Imagine a place where you start to feel relaxed at the moment you enter it. Here you will feel not only the heartbeat but also the essence of Puerto Vallarta.

SPA 207 (only for men). This is an American-style spa only for men with an outdoor swimming pool, showers, lockers, and a gym. There are also relax rooms.

Artepil Spa. You’ll breathe harmony and relaxation in a warm human environment. Professional therapists will spoil you with manicure, massage, pedicure, waxing services, and much more.

Golden Crown Paradise “All Inclusive”. Apart from the fact that this is marvelous hotel in the centre of Puerto Vallarta has a lovely beauty salon, it offers dancing lessons for its guests.

Puerto Vallarta Spa and Beauty Salon. This is the perfect place for you to enjoy a healing and rejuvenating facial massage while you hear the sound of waves. This resort spa has a hydrotherapy area, a sauna, a facials room, and an intimate beauty salon with complete hair care, foot and hand care services.

Wherever you choose to go, none of these places will disappoint you. On the contrary, professionals working there will make you feel as if you were at home. Needless to say, whether youre looking for spa treatment, skin care, a massage, a manicure and pedicure, or a rejuvenating experience in a coastal Mexican city, the best beauty salons and spas of Puerto Vallarta are the solution to your problem.

Agostina Giacomino

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